The Most Fiercing Golf Technique

You want to know? 1. Train everyday and spend most of your time training 2. Train your brain everyday, people always need their brain to think any possibilities sin swinging the golf club 3. Read motivational book continuously, not just 1 book but lots.

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An Amazing Little Bit Weird Object That Can Improve Your golf Swing

by: Brendan Bunting
So, most of us usually don't keep attention of this thing and that this thing can make us improve our golf swing, let's check it out.

Golfers use various training aids to improve their golf swing. Most of these can be purchased from the sporting good store but did you know that there is something you can use at home? Yes there is and this is the cardboard box where your golf clubs came in.

But before you learn how to use that in a driving range, donít forget to stretch and warm up by hitting 15 balls with your 5 or 7 iron or wood.

Once your body is warmed up, set it up. To do that, put the cardboard box lengthwise towards the target because the objective of this aid is to let you hit the ball without hitting the box. This should be 5 to 6 inches away from the ball. If you donít know how to do it, ask someone from the range to help.

To start, make a few practice swings and let the club brush softly against the ground without hitting the box. When you are ready put a ball and then fire away. Each time you hit the ball, try not to hit the box. If you do, just reset the box to its original position and try not to hit it again.

If you are able to hit a few balls without hitting the box consecutively, move the ball at least half an inch closer to the box. Once the distance between the club and box is about 1 to 2 inches, increase your swing speed to what you do usually.

For those who are able to do it, this means that your swing is within the zone. If not, this means that your swing is on the outside and this could have happened before or after impact. This can happen because you are not holding the club properly or your clubface is not aimed properly. Whichever the case, it is best to consult a professional who can analyze the situation and tell you the best course of action.

Keep focus, relax, and high concentration is needed here.

Should you be able to hit the ball without coming into contact with the box then it is time to remove it and then practice swinging without the aid. If your shots are going outside again, put it back so you can recall how this is done.

There are other golf swings aids aside from the box to help you improve your golf swing and you will have to shell out more than $10 just to use it.

The nice thing about the box is that it wonít hurt your pocket because should this be damaged and have a lot of holes. You can throw it away and then find a box with similar specifications so you can continue practicing your golf swings. One alternative is a soft, long and circular foam that is used as a pool toy.

Speed and hand positioning are important to prevent your golf swing from going outside. Keep in mind that a biomechanically correct golf swing path is not inside out or the opposite. It is also not going down a straight path. It is a movement from inside to inside and once you get it, you will be able to have the correct technique to make this ball fly into the air and land near the hole.

So, what else do you waiting for, let's start doing this to improve your swing

About The Author
Brendan Bunting is a pro golfing Author from Victoria Australia. To find out more about the pro golf techniques and receive a free golf swing training dvd visit

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Mental Skills For Golf and Life

by: Roseanna Leaton

Hey people, in all part of our life, we must have confIDent in ourselves, and also in golf.

You carry 14 clubs in your bag, and probably several more accumulating dust in your shed or garage. You are capable of hitting high and low shots, draws and fades, hooks and slices, half shots, three quarter shots and full shots. In order to do so, however, it is imperative you have a full range of empowering mental skills at your disposal so as to enable you to execute your chosen shot as and when it is required and in circumstances when it truly matters.

It is all too frequently the case that the way in which one hits shots upon the range is not reflected when out on the course, when it matters. Most people, including teaching and playing professionals alike, agree that 90% of golf is in the mind. You need as many mental skills as you have shots. And this is true of success in every other area of your life as well as in your game of golf.

I am a hypnotherapist and I am also a passionate golfer. This is why I decided to outline a whole set of mental skills for golfers and recorded a mental skills toolkit in the form of hypnosis cds and hypnosis downloads. This was back in 2006. The response was fantastic and I'm pleased to say that many great testimonials popped in via e-mail from golfers all over the world. This is what Paul Eales (European Tour Professional, BBC TV and Setanta TV Golf Reporter) had to say about the GolferWithin golf hypnosis cds:

"It took me many years of heart ache and hours of time hitting thousands and thousands of golf balls before I realized that, without the correct mindset, you can't get anywhere near maximizing your potential. A library full of books on the sporting mind as well as time spent with accredited golf psychologists still didn't quite get me into my ideal sporting performance state. Then I was asked to listen to some CD's produced by Roseanna.

For the first time in my search the impact was not only massive but immediate. The well presented, ordered course covered "stuff" I had heard before. But this time just by listening to Roseanna and following the GolferWithin program, my state changed and allowed me to play without the negative, destructive self-talk that had plagued me from an early age. I would strongly advice any golfer who's serious about improving their game to get involved in Roseanna's CD presentation and see the immediate results. You can't afford not to."

Paul also suggested that it would be fantastic to create a similar set of mental skills hypnosis downloads for life in general, which is exactly what I did. Whether you are a golfer or not, there are many mental skills which you can learn which will make life more comfortable, more enjoyable and more successful. The game of golf simply highlights the effect of your thinking. If you think "don't go in the trees" how often does it go in there? And on those days when you feel much focused and "in the zone" how many putts just seem to roll in without any effort at all? You can learn mental skills which will allow you to focus, to play "in the zone" at will. You can learn mental skills which will allow you to step back and relax, instead of getting tense.

There are many, many mental skills which can all be learned with the help of hypnosis cds or hypnosis downloads. It is amazing what you can do as you learn to harness the power of your own mind. You can retrain your mind to play great golf and also a great game of life.

You really can play the game of your dreams with the help of golf psychology, NLP and hypnosis downloads. Why not give yourself a head start and use your mind to make a difference. The fact is that great golfers know how to play the mental game; they have learned the necessary skills to be successful.

So, then, Use your mind now, what else do you waiting for?

Roseanna Leaton, author of Golfer Within golf hypnosis cds and specialist in hypnosis downloads for success, health and well-being.

About The Author
With a degree in psychology and qualifications in hypnotherapy, NLP and sports psychology, and a great passion for golf, Roseanna Leaton is one of the leading golf psychologists. You can get a free hypnosis download from and view the GolferWithin golf hypnosis cds and downloads at

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Father’s Day Gifts for Dads who Love to Golf

by: Jennifer Bailey

Does your father love to golf more than anything else in the world? If so you are not alone, golf is an extremely popular sport world-wide. Although Dad’s love of golf may make him difficult to track down during the weekend, choosing a Father’s Day gift for him is easy. As long as you find items which are golf themed, you have made the perfect choice.

Your dad, grandpa, brother or uncle may already have a set of golf clubs, but there are plenty of great golf items available that he might not have. Chances are he’d love to open a package containing a great golf gift this Father’s Day. The following are some examples of golf items that would make a great Father’s Day gift.

Golf Windshirt

Serious golfers do not let a windy day keep them off the course, not to mention keep them off of their game. A windshirt can help keep your dad comfortable on the days when the wind is blowing.

Golf Polo Shirt

A polo shirt is the traditional shirt of golfers. A polo that is made specifically for golfers will help him tee off in style and comfort. Some stores allow for personalization of the shirt, such as adding initials or his name to the shirt itself.

Photo frame

If your dad spends that much time on the golf course, he is bound to have some photos of his more successful days. Hunt one down and buy a golf themed photo frame to put it in. Wrap it up and watch his smile when he opens this thoughtful gift.

Golf Themed Baseball Hat

It is hard to hit a hole in one if the sun is glaring in your eyes. A baseball hat can help keep the sun out of your dad’s eyes while he is on the course. The hat does not have to be golf themed; any baseball hat will do, but a hat that has some sort of golf connection fits the atmosphere out on the course all the better.

Comfortable Sweatshirt

When your father is out on the golf course on a chilly afternoon, he will love having a golf-themed or personalized sweatshirt to throw on for comfort; especially if it is from you. You can get him one that says “World’s Best Golfer” or “World’s Best Dad,” and he’ll be proud to wear it.

Personalized Golf Balls

Every golfer can always use more golf balls. Buy a dozen or two dozen golf balls which can be personalized. Your father’s initials or last name can be added for a really personal and useful Father’s Day gift.

Photo Golf Balls

If you want to get your father some golf balls that he is going to cherish instead of hit into the sand trap, consider photo golf balls. Place pictures of yourself or the entire family on a set of a dozen golf balls and he’ll take extra precautions not to lose them.

Golf Towel

From wiping down clubs to wiping off mustard on his shirt from the hotdog he got at the snack stand by the 9th hole, a golf towel has many uses. Personalize it with dad’s name or initials and he will never get it mixed up with anyone else’s.

Personalized Money Clip

When your father has to pay up on a bet on the golf course, or treat his friends to a round of drinks after their game, he can do it in style with a money clip monogrammed with his initials.

Golf Themed Mug

What does your dad do before hitting the golf course in the morning? Does he have a cup of coffee, or perhaps have a cup of tea before a long round in the early spring or late summer? If so, get your father in the golf mood with a golf themed mug that will hold his coffee and get his mind in the game.

Beer Mugs

After 18 holes, does your dad like to come home and have a cold beer? If he does, then he’ll appreciate a nice beer mug. Golf themed or not, if it is a gift from you for Father’s Day, it will be the one he reaches for at the end of a game.


Dad may not want to carry all his keys on the golf course, but he will need the key to his locker in the clubhouse with him. Give him a special keychain to hold that key so he does not have to carry a bulky set around with him for 18 holes.

Not all Father’s Day gifts for the golf loving father need to be golf themed. If it is something that he can use on the golf course or something that will remind him of how much his family loves him while he is on the golf course, the golf loving dad will love a gift like that as well.

About The Author
Jennifer Bailey is blogger and freelancer who writes about holiday celebrations and family, often discussing one specific aspect of holiday celebrations such as fathers day gifts

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